We’re building the future of diabetes care
Cellterix is a Canadian startup that is passionately committed to advancing research and development in the field of medical devices.
Our primary focus is to create innovative solutions that enhance the comfort, convenience and affordability of diabetic patients.
Today, Cellterix is in the early stages of animal trials for our direct vascularisation technology for diabetes cell therapy.
Cell therapy delivery is a very interdisciplinary field, and we need to be able to create a collaborative environment that encourage exchange of ideas and open mindedness to different approach.
We work alongside patients, for patients. Our primary goal is to design and develop our devices with a clear focus on well-being to enhance patient outcomes. We do this by involving patients early in the design process, enhancing the translational potential of our devices.
We value creative thinking and originality to produce valuable insight to address healthcare challenges.
Social Impact
We want to go beyond business success to define our company with the social and health changes they can bring.